Dear Authors and Readers,

The Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology's article style has undergone some exciting changes, which we are happy to reveal. In order to give our prestigious audience a more pleasurable and comfortable reading experience, certain adjustments have been made starting from Vol 4 No 2 Yr 2023. Additionally, we have made a few minor changes to the front and back cover designs to improve our journal's overall informative appeal.

  1. Single Column Layout: We switched from a two-column layout to a more reader-friendly single-column layout in response to insightful comments from our readers and authors. The language flows more fluidly in this new style, allowing readers to concentrate on the material without being distracted. We anticipate that this modification will improve the articles published in the Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology's accessibility and readability.
  2. Numbered Sectioning: We have included a numbered sectioning system to significantly enhance the organization and navigation within articles. Now that each section has a distinct number, it will be simpler to cross-reference and easily identify particular sections within an article. This innovation, in our opinion, will significantly help readers find and cite specific information in our published works.
  3. Increased Font Size in References: We have increased the font size in the references section to ensure that it is visible and readable given the significance of the section. This change intends to improve the entire scholarly experience offered by Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology by making it simpler for readers to find and access the cited sources.
  4. Informative Front Covers: We have made minor changes to the front and rear cover designs of Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology in order to provide a more aesthetically pleasing experience. These modifications have been made in order to more effectively convey the significance and spirit of the articles that have been published in our prestigious journal. We anticipate that the new covers will draw readers in and effectively reflect the variety of the content we provide.

Please feel free to contact our editorial team if you have any questions or comments about these changes. We value your feedback greatly as we work to improve the Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology's quality and usability throughout time.

We appreciate your continued confidence in Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology. In the future, we hope to provide you with more impactful research.


Darwin H. Pangaribuan, Ph.D

Editor-in-Chief Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology