Published: 2024-01-12

Aspects of the ecosystem services threatened by desertification in Algerian steppe rangelands: concepts, status and stakes

1-17 Benbader Habib , Mohamed Saadaoui, Abdallah Boumakhleb, Malika Brahimi, Abdelghafour Doghbage, Adel Djoughlafi, Hafidh Zemour, Fathi Abdellatif Belhouadjeb

Correlation between electrical conductivity in saturated paste extracts and different diluted extracts (1/2.5, 1/5) of coarse-textured soils

18-34 Dahman Bakhti, Mabrouka Oustani, Mohamed Taher Halilat, Hafidh Zemour, Amar Khadoumi, Fathi Abdellatif Belhouadjeb

Improvement of the antioxidant potential: impact of drying and extraction techniques on polyphenols in Arbutus unedo L. leaf aqueous extract

35-47 Kamel Zemour, Kadda Mohamed Amine Chouhim, Amina Labdelli, Mohamed Mairif, Tedj Eddine Adda Ardjane, Badreddine Moussaoui, Hafidh Zemour, Mohammed Laafer