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Publisher: Future Science, Malang, Indonesia
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The journal is committed to publishing original scientific work that will broaden the horizons of tropical agricultural science and plant biology. The publication language of the journal is English. JAAB welcomes article submissions related to tropical crops. 

The editor is committed to the quality of each paper and providing a fast response to each manuscript.  Manuscripts must quote 75% of the past 10 years' journal. 

Each manuscript will be checked for similarity rate and may not exceed the 25% limit. The paper will be peer-reviewed by two or three reviewers:  the editorial board and or 1-2 assigned reviewers. The journal employs the double-blind peer review process, where both reviewers and authors remain anonymous throughout the review process. The review process may take place more than once to ensure that each manuscript meets journal standards.   

Editor-in-Chief will appoint reviewers, make final decisions on acceptances and rejections, check the content of the journal, advance and promote journal. 

Editorial Board members have the roles to review submitted manuscript, support the quality of each issue of the journal, and promote journal in your area of influence

Reviewers will review the paper and provide authors the constructive feedback to improve the manuscript.

Authors could download the author guideline and template article then changed your paper accordingly.  Kindly provide 2 potential reviewers to speed up the process reviewing, however Editor will determine the reviewers.

Manuscript.  After reviewing and its acceptance,  the paper will be added immediately to the "Current Issue". 

Vol 5 No 1 (2024): Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology

Published: 2024-01-12

Aspects of the ecosystem services threatened by desertification in Algerian steppe rangelands: concepts, status and stakes

1-17 Benbader Habib , Mohamed Saadaoui, Abdallah Boumakhleb, Malika Brahimi, Abdelghafour Doghbage, Adel Djoughlafi, Hafidh Zemour, Fathi Abdellatif Belhouadjeb

Correlation between electrical conductivity in saturated paste extracts and different diluted extracts (1/2.5, 1/5) of coarse-textured soils

18-34 Dahman Bakhti, Mabrouka Oustani, Mohamed Taher Halilat, Hafidh Zemour, Amar Khadoumi, Fathi Abdellatif Belhouadjeb

Improvement of the antioxidant potential: impact of drying and extraction techniques on polyphenols in Arbutus unedo L. leaf aqueous extract

35-47 Kamel Zemour, Kadda Mohamed Amine Chouhim, Amina Labdelli, Mohamed Mairif, Tedj Eddine Adda Ardjane, Badreddine Moussaoui, Hafidh Zemour, Mohammed Laafer

Evaluation of different organic and inorganic fertilizer combinations on the growth and yield of cabbage

63-74 Dipak Aryal, Asmita Tamang, Rishikesh Gharti Magar

Evaluation of antioxidant activity in crude polysaccharide extracts from two date varieties (Tazerzait “Azerza” and Deglet-Nour)

75-85 Mohammed Habib Belhachemi, Sara Belmir, Mohammed Oulad Mebarek, Mohammed Reffis, Fatima Zahra Achour

In vitro anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant activities of alkaloïds extracted from nopals of inermis Algerian Opuntia ficus indica (L).

86-96 Badreddine Moussaoui, Tahar Hanafi, Abdallah Rahali, Laid Guemou, Bachir Reghioui, Kamal Zemour, Ali Riazi

Morphological, physiological and anatomical traits in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) as affected by semi-arid conditions

97-109 Arous Ali, Kamel Zemour, Djamila Mehdeb, Amina Labdelli , Hafidh Zemour , Kada Mohamed Amine Chouhim , Ahmed Adda , Moulay Belkhoudja

Bio-treatment of Cheese Whey by Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens) reared in Algeria

125-141 Tahar Hanafi, Kaci Zoubida Meziane, Smain Megateli, Badreddine Moussaoui, Laid Guemou, Bachir Reghioui
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